The Somaesthetic of Richard Shusterman is intended as much as a philosophy as a therapy, bias pragmatist, taking body consciousness as a key element of the constitution of human subjectivity. Beyond the understanding of the body as a hierarchically inferior element in the metaphysical mind-body dichotomy, the Somaesthetic elects the soma as the essential factor to imprint intelligibility to human existence.

Shusterman’s coming to Brazil is an opportunity for the Brazilian academic audience to make contact with a pragmatist philosophy trend that, besides inaugurate a theoretical current within contemporary aesthetics, reveals itself able to assimilate the aesthetic content produced by popular culture, presenting politically and ideologically progressive approach. For its ambition to engage aesthetics and politics, Shusterman’s philosophy shows itself also as heir to an entire philosophical tradition whose intention is to address the man as a total being.


Richard Shusterman

Richard Shusterman, D.Phil. (Oxford) Dorothy
F. Schmidt Eminent Scholar Chair in the Humanities,
Director of the Center for Body, Mind, and Culture,
Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters,
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Richard Shusterman’s Body Consciousness
Richard Shusterman’s Thinking through the Body: Essays in Somaesthetics


Consciência Corporal

Author:Richard Shusterman
Title:Consciência Corporal
Publisher: É Revelações
Translation: Pedro Sette-Câmara
Review: Diana Pichinine


Interview in wich Richard Shusterman discusses what led him to begin writing on Body Consciousness and Somaesthetic, available on the American Philosopher channel by Phillip McReynolds.